Kinship Circle is growing and the worldwide demands for research and tool for animal advocates has never been greater!  As we grow in our outreach and influence we are seeking passionate volunteers to help us be a voice for the animals.  Some of the volunteer opportunities are listed below.  For more information and to sign up to volunteer please go to www.KinshipCircle.org/Volunteer


COMMUNITY RECRUITER: From your computer and phone, communicate with animal advocates nationwide for Kinship Circle’s grassroots education/fundraising campaign. You recruit volunteers within different communities to host events on behalf of Kinship Circle. Garage sales, band benefits, vegan dessert auctions…ideas are limitless. We provide contacts, how-to guides, humane literature to distribute, etc. Do you like to network and stir action? We need you!

HOST AN EYE-OPENING EVENT: A great way to open hearts and minds! Mix fun with education. Have a letter-writing party (we send animal-issue letters for your guests to sign/mail). A vegan BBQ & bake-off, cruelty-free garage sale… We provide literature and tips for setting up your event. All money generated from your event directly funds Kinship Circle, a 501c3 nonprofit charity.

NONPROFIT DEVELOPER: We need volunteers to: Research grant foundations and find “matches” for Kinship Circle; Identify/implement other funding opportunities; Energize our donors/supporters. These volunteers are vital to Kinship Circle’s stability and advancement as an animal advocacy organization.

INVESTIGATIVE RESEARCH AIDE: We need “sleuths” to dig up hard-to-find contact information for letter campaigns, research animal cruelty cases, legislation and more. Kinship Circle assigns you issues to investigate in our fact-based format. This position is flexible and requires research/investigation, organizing information and writing (if interested in writing). If unfamiliar with our action campaigns and literature, visit: Letter Library, Fact Sheets and Updates.

ANIMAL DISASTER AIDE ASSISTANT: You work with Kinship Circle directors to manage information between the disaster zone and KC; research/communicate with ground contacts; represent Kinship Circle in the management of volunteers when we’re involved in deployments, etc. You work intelligently under pressure and can organize data quickly. You’re able to follow rules as designated by Kinship Circle and abide by the Incident Command System (ICS). See Animal Disaster Aid.

KINSHIP CIRCLE SUCCINCT DEFINITIONS – Kinship Circle is a nonprofit animal advocacy organization that focuses on action campaigns, education and animal disaster aid. KINSHIP CIRCLE PRIMARY formed in 1999 to give advocates tools to speak, write and present on behalf of animals. We empower people to communicate influentially to lawmakers, business leaders, media and other key decision-makers. Kinship Circle Primary subscribers receive well-researched action campaigns, updates, and timely animal news every week. Our website offers free educational literature, a sample-letter library, ad designs, published columns…and much more. KC Primary promotes advocacy for companion animals, wild animals, and animals used for fashion, entertainment, food, and research.

SEE — http://www.kinshipcircle.org Take part in weekly action for animals! SUBSCRIBE TO KINSHIP CIRCLE PRIMARY: subscribe@kinshipcircle.org

KINSHIP CIRCLE ANIMAL DISASTER AID is a network of independent volunteers who communicate during disasters to mobilize responders, supplies, and other resources for animal victims. Kinship Circle may work under agreement to deploy volunteers to a disaster zone (as we did for Iowa‘s State Veterinary Response Team during 2008 Iowa floods) — or manage volunteers for another organization on the ground (as done throughout 2008 Hurricanes Ike and Gustav). Since our role in coordinating volunteers and supplies for 2005 Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, we continue to report news and ways to help stranded animals. This list also posts action alerts related to companion animal cases and legislation.

SEE — http://www.kinshipcircle.org/disasters Help animals stranded in disasters! SUBSCRIBE TO KINSHIP CIRCLE DISASTER AID NETWORK: disasteraid@kinshipcircle.org



KINSHIP CIRCLE is a 501c3 public charity. Donations are tax-deductible.

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