Posted by: kinshipcircle | March 30, 2010

Missouri House passes H.B. 1747 to permit horse slaughter in U.S.

Not a Missourian? Forward this to a list or person who is.

Dear Missourians,

We learned, just this morning, that the Missouri House passed H.B. 1747 — the bill to permit horse processing for human consumption in MO.

As you know, Kinship Circle circulated a polite sample-letter alert asking Missouri Reps to reject H.B. 1747. If Missouri’s bill passes in the Senate, this state will revive the horse kill trade in America.

Some Reps — in response to your emails — misused public information and harassed a benevolent, nonprofit organization. They bounced 1600 (at last count) unread emails from their servers back to Kinship Circle. Some left childish and menacing messages on Kinship Circle’s voicemail: singing “A Horse Is A Horse,” chanting “Brenda, Brenda, Brenda…neigh…” in reference to KC president Brenda Shoss. One just bleated some type of tribal war call.

Most alarming? Use of the word “retaliate” — as in, the House will pass this horse kill bill to get back at Kinship Circle members for sending comments. In fact, words such as “everyone here is against your organization and doesn’t like you…” or “you’ve guaranteed passage of this bill” because we are so mad at you…formed the basis for how some elected officials voted.

It is vital that MISSOURIANS now do two things:
Find your Reps’ email address & contact info:
– Ask how they voted on H.B. 1747, the bill to legalize horse slaughter in MO.
– Tell them if they voted in favor of it, they just lost your vote at election polls.

Find your Senators’ email address & contact info:
– Describe your disapproval of the House passage of  H.B. 1747, to legalize horse slaughter in MO.
– Explain why the Senate should NOT pass a similar bill, using the talking points below.
– Tell them that their YES or NO vote on legalized horse slaughter will effect your future voting decisions.

There is no auto-letter for this. A personal constituent approach is vital to keep this bill from passage in the Senate.

  • Type or copy/paste your comments into an email to send to your Reps and Senators.
  • Type your comments in a program like Word, print them, and fax or snail-mail to your Reps and Senators.
  • Call your Reps and Senators.

You DO NOT have to use every talking point. You DO have to sign with name and full address; if not you’ll be ignored.

— I’m dismayed by the recent passage of Rep. Jim Viebrock’s bill to sidestep federal rules that bar horse slaughter for human consumption. As your constituent, I’d like to know how you voted (or plan to vote) on legalizing horse slaughter in Missouri. Your stance on H.B. 1747, or any Senate companion bill, will influence my vote at election polls.

— I ask my Senators to oppose any bill with language that mirrors H.B. 1747 and lets horse processors operate in Missouri.

— Eyes around the nation are focusing on Missouri — to see if it will revive horse slaughter on American soil. As you know, this is not a Missouri issue alone. No equine kill plants have legally operated in the U.S. since those in Texas and Illinois were shut down in 2007. The matter of killing American horses affects concerned citizens everywhere.

While supporters insist slaughter “saves” horses from neglect and starvation, their argument fails to recognize:

— “Americans oppose horse slaughter by an overwhelming margin,” says Glen Bolger, national pollster and founding partner of the nonpartisan Public Opinion Strategies (POS). In a 2007 poll, POS found that 71% want horses preserved as part of American cultural heritage. Nearly half are less likely to vote for a Congressperson who is against a horse slaughter ban.

— Equine plants are known polluters that congest sewers and contaminate land and water.

— Rather than advocate slaughter as an alternative to neglect, lawmakers
should enforce criminal prosecution.
In Missouri Anti-Cruelty Statues, animal abandonment is a crime punishable by fines and jail time.

— Slaughter is NOT humane euthanasia. Methods to stun and kill cows and pigs are excruciating when used on horses. Nonetheless, these excitable, long-necked animals are subject to captive bolt pistols that often don’t render them insensible. Some remain aware while killed.

— Focus should shift from slaughter to breeding oversight and responsible care. Overpopulation stems from industries such as Premarin and Prempro (HRT drugs made from mare urine); carriage horses; riding stables, etc. that over-breed horses. Moreover, there is no documented link between closure of domestic plants and a spike in horse abuse cases. In contrast, slaughter supplies a “dumping ground” for irresponsible breeders and caretakers.

— Missouri wants to impose a U.S. market for horsemeat on a nation that doesn’t want it. The Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act, H.R. 503/S.B. 727, currently before Congress, bans possession, shipment, transport, purchase, sale, delivery or receipt of any horse for the purpose of human ingestion.

— Please do not support any legislation to legalize horse slaughter in Missouri.




* Action campaigns on animal cruelty issues worldwide
* Animal rescue coordination/news in disasters


  1. Who do they think they are anyway!! GOD fearing Americans!? That after Sunday services and prayers go out and KILL? HYPOCRITES! MURDERERS!! Animals were also put on this planet by our dear God for us to enjoy and NOT for the human species to murder them! The early Christians were vegetarians, for Christ’s sake, but that too was soon changed by humans so that they could have things their way. It seems there’s no end to the viciousness of the human species. And it’s not just the MURDERING but also the natural balance is -will be- totally destroyed. All because there are some excuses of human beings who get a kick out of murdering! They won’t get away with murdering another human so they murder innocent animals.

  2. i do’t care what state we are talking about. slaughtering horses is not humane, it is a bussiness, it is a way out for totally ignorant, no compassion loyalty, for a lot of ”HORSE PEOPLE” I TAKE THAT BACK, THEY ARE NOT EVEN HUMAN……

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