Posted by: kinshipcircle | March 25, 2010

UPDATE Missouri lawmakers don’t care what you think about H.B.1747, a bill that could reinstate U.S. horse slaughter

UPDATE: Missouri lawmakers don’t care what you think about H.B. 1747, a bill that could reinstate U.S. horse slaughter for human consumption. In fact, House Reps are forwarding your letters back to Kinship Circle, UNREAD.

Some Reps leave indecent voicemails on Kinship Circle’s line. One sang a vulgar version of “A Horse Is A Horse.” Another, at 10:00pm, chanted Kinship Circle president Brenda Shoss’ name in a creepy voice, then neighed. They’ve cussed, hung up, and yelled.

They are so inconvenienced by your “fricking” emails, they will vote to kill horses. Revenge is the basis for enacting a law in Missouri?

We all know this is not a Missouri issue. No equine plants have legally operated in the U.S. since those in Texas and Illinois were shut down in 2007. Killing American horses affects concerned citizens everywhere. But Missouri’s elected officials prefer to make teenage-style phonies to a 501c3 nonprofit charity.

Thanks to their immature harassment, the issue has broadened to one about free speech, legislator conduct, and horses. If you care about all three, write or call Missouri’s governor to report these abuses:

Office of Governor Jay Nixon
P.O. Box 720
Jefferson City, MO 65102


  1. Horses like other animals and humans deserve a chance to survive in freedom.

  2. This is barbaric and does not need to be reinstated! Save the horses they saved us they helped us build this country!!

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