Posted by: kinshipcircle | March 11, 2010

Hope Has Wheels! $1.1M Pledged For Lasting Animal Aid In Haiti

Hope Has Wheels! $1.1M Pledged For Lasting Animal Aid In Haiti

WHY AM I HERE? We highly recommend you view our friend Tom McPhee’s extraordinary short, “Why Am I Here?” Tom, Executive Director of World Animal Awareness Society — and creator of the Katrina animal rescue film, American Opera — explains why he traveled to earthquake-stricken Haiti to film animal rescue operations with SODOPRECA. The film’s rich texture and breathtaking scenes will make you feel as if you went with him:

Port-au-Prince, Haiti: Hope arrived on four wheels……Underneath a fully equipped veterinary mobile clinic! As of March 4, 2010, ARCH has treated over 4000 animals, including many dogs, goats, sheep, cats, pigs, cows, horses, donkeys and domestic fowl. In the photo above, Kenny, 10, said his dog Vito had “been sick for a long time, but I don’t know any vets and don’t have money.” ARCH gave Vito antibiotics and vitamins and will check the dog’s progress… Photos: IFAW/WSPA for ARCH

Animal groups pledge $1.1M dollars for long-term animal aid in Haiti
3/4/10 — Animal Relief Coalition Of Haiti (ARCH) announced a $1.1 million agreement with the Haitian government to improve and repair animal welfare conditions in the aftermath of January’s ruinous earthquake. Over 20 animal protection groups worldwide, including Kinship Circle, formed ARCH under joint leadership of World Society For Protection of Animals and International Fund For Animal Welfare. The ambitious long-term plan covers:

*   DISEASE PREVENTION NETWORK: To protect people and animals from disease outbreaks, a laboratory and staff will carry out targeted vaccination campaigns for Rabies, Anthrax and other diseases.

*   VETERINARY TRAINING: Our goal is to train at least 200 Haitian veterinarians and vet technicians for current/future animal welfare issues.

*   VACCINATION COLD STORAGE: A “cold chain” is crucial to keep vaccinations fresh and stable through delivery.

*   ANIMAL POPULATION STUDIES: Haiti’s animal demographics have changed dramatically due to recent disasters. Updated data is vital to reach animals.

ARCH’s mobile vet clinic makes rounds to underserved areas such as Pelerin where Haitians line-up to have animals vaccinated. According to the Haitian Ministry of Agriculture, there are some 5 million farmed animals in Haiti (not including domestic fowl), and about 500,000 dogs in Port-au-Prince.

Why Haiti’s animals, when animals everywhere need help? Kinship Circle Animal Disaster Aid made a promise to help Haiti’s animals after one of the most devastating earthquakes in modern times. ARCH’s enduring plan to coordinate veterinarians, clinics, vaccines…gives these animals a chance in future disasters and daily survival.

All Haiti photos: T. Stargardter (c) WSPA/IFAW for ARCH



* Action campaigns on animal cruelty issues worldwide
* Animal rescue coordination/news in disasters


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