Posted by: kinshipcircle | February 14, 2010

We Won’t Give Up On Haiti’s Animals – Now Or Tomorrow

Kinship Circle needs your support to:

  1. Help pay for long-term projects that will make life better for Haiti’s animals.
  2. Fund travel for our responders on standby to deploy to Haiti under ARCH.

As of 2/8/10, ARCH (Animal Relief Coalition of Haiti) had treated nearly 750 animals. As the full earthquake damage to animals unfolds, focus also turns to their lasting welfare. ARCH is working with Haitian government officials to create animal facilities and services that did not exist pre-earthquake.

2/4/10: This puppy finds help in the hands of an ARCH team member in Haiti.  As of February 8, 2010, ARCH members had treated nearly 750 animals, mostly dogs. Other animals helped include cats, goats, sheep, pigs and cows. Photo courtesy of Best Friends / Delmas * Banner photos, (c) WSPA/IFAW

Long after ARCH leaves, its work will serve Haiti’s animals and people. Kinship Circle and other global animal protection groups in ARCH have
pledged time, money and/or volunteers to stay in Haiti to:

–   Setup a mobile veterinary clinic for Port au Prince and rural communities.
–   Support and implement training of veterinarians and animal health technicians.
–   Create a refrigeration system to keep a “cold chain” for storage/distribution of medicines.
–   Design public awareness/education campaigns in Haiti and Creole.
–   Vaccinate 3 million chickens for Newcastle disease and 2 million for Charcoal disease…
–   Activate a Vaccination Preventive Care Program for many more diseases and species.
–   Treat 3 million animals (anyone with a hoof!)…

Please help us give Haiti’s animals a better life:

2/4/10: A surprised cat awaits a medical check, in line with other Haitians and cats. ARCH has sent a mobile veterinary unit to increase our capacity to help the people and animals of Haiti. Photo courtesy of Best Friends

Kinship Circle — a nonprofit network of animal disaster responders in the U.S. and Canada — has assembled a Haiti team on standby to deploy, including a veterinarian, vet tech, ACO, and adept first responders.

After Haiti’s 7.0 earthquake devastated Port-au-Prince and nearby areas, Kinship Circle joined animal protection groups worldwide to form Animal Relief Coalition of Haiti (ARCH), led by International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).

At present, ARCH partners include:
International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW); World Society for Protection of Animals; American Humane Association; Best Friends Animal Society; RSPCA (UK); In Defence of Animals; American Veterinary Medical Association; American Veterinary Medical Foundation; Antigua & Barbuda Humane Society; ASPCA; United Animal Nations; Kinship Circle; One Voice; Swiss Animal Protection; Palo Alto Humane Society; People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA); Last Chance For Animals (LCA); Finnish Federation for Animal Welfare Associations; Animal Medical Care Foundation (AMCF)


* Action campaigns on animal cruelty issues worldwide
* Animal rescue coordination/news in disasters

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