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7/30/09 BLOG: Welcome Back Michael Vick?
By Brenda Shoss

PHOTOS 1 & 2: Michael Vick, Jason Hirschfeld/Associated Press.
PHOTOS 3 & 4: Purnell Peace, Quanis Phillips, Helber/AP.
PHOTO 5: Former Vick dog Leo is now a therapy dog who comforts cancer

On July 20, 2009, Michael Vick completed a 23-month sentence for crimes
associated with a dogfighting ring.
In the legal sense, he “served his time”
for “conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful
activities and conspiracy to sponsor a dog in an animal fighting
enterprise.” Michael Vick repaid his debt to society.

But Vick did not merely fight dogs. He murdered them — slowly, viciously.
When dogs lost their “game” Vick himself, or with his Bad Newz Kennels
cohorts, drowned, strangled, hung, shot and electrocuted dogs.

Think about that: How much brute strength is required to plunge a muscular
pit bull’s head inside a five-gallon bucket of water until he drowns?
Imagine the sheer power of this aggressive dog. Vick, Purnell Peace, and
Quanis Phillips held the thrashing animal’s head underwater until his last
breath. How long did it take to kill this way…five, ten or more minutes?

Sometimes a dog was slammed against the ground until dead. Only a torture
lover could hoist a heavy animal — biting and kicking — into the air and
bludgeon him over and over.

Vick was consulted to kill another dog “by wetting the dog down with water
and electrocuting the animal.” Now that one takes some thought. No simple
gun shot to the head here. Nope, this was a premeditated plan to illicit
agony. I wonder if any “wet down” dogs enjoyed the cool water, just before
an electrical jolt induced massive heart attack?

On occasion, Vick, Peace and Phillips noosed dogs in the woods on Vick’s
property. Those who survived strangulation (how many hours did they hang
from a tree, choking?) were pulled down and submerged in water until dead.

A Second Chance For [some] Vick-tims:

Michael Vick now repents. He’s not only paid his dues, but he’s also formed
a partnership with the Humane Society of the United States. In theory, the
reformed dog fighter will help HSUS stamp out fight rings among youths who
idolize the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback.

Apparently National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell feels the
love too. About a week after his release, Goodell green-lighted Vick’s NFL
reinstatement <>. That means
Michael Vick could be back, on a field near you, as early as October 2009.

Goodell wrote to Vick: “I accept that you are sincere when you say that you
want to, and will, turn your life around, and that you intend to be a
positive role model for others. I am prepared to offer you that opportunity.
Whether you succeed is entirely in your hands.”

Maybe Michael Vick could “turn his life around” if he’d only sponsored dogs
in an animal fighting enterprise. But Vick isn’t guilty of poor decisions.
His moral ambiguity didn’t send him on a string of bad choices.

Sadistic torture is the calculated action of a predator. Hand him a
microphone. Sign him to the team. Still, you can’t fix sociopath.

BEST FRIENDS SANCTUARY: Lucas doesn’t look like a top-fighting dog. He wags his tail and gives kisses to anyone who greets him. But the deep scars on  his face are permanent reminders of his violent past.  Lucas will live the remainder of his natural life at Best Friends Sanctuary where he is loved and adored.

Got A Gripe With Michael Vick’s Return To The NFL?
Express your concerns to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Commissioner Roger Goodell
National Football League
280 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017
ph: 212-450-2000; fax: 212-681-7599

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  1. Brenda – Your entry regarding Michael Vick is outstanding. Your descriptions of what the dogs went through are easy to envision and it makes me hate Vick and all animal abusers that much more. If you don’t mind, I would like to post your blog on Facebook or send it out in email form. It irritates me when I see people write or hear people say, “so what; he paid his dues – he has a right to play again.” “So what?” Your blog answers that question.

    • Hi Chandra,
      You are always welcome to cross-post Kinship Circle alerts or blogs, as written.

      In fact, we appreciate as much forwarding as possible!

      Please let me know if you need for me to send you the email version, and if so, your email address.

      Thanks again for your feedback,
      Brenda, Kinship Circle

  2. Thank you so much, Brenda, for this terrific blog which undoubtedly will generate a flood of letters to Goodell. Maybe we can stop this sociopath from getting fullly reinstated with the NFL. I’m so disillusioned that the Humane Society is playing into Vick’s hands by allowing him to use them to show he’s truly changed. Once a sadistic sociopath, always a sadistic sociopath. He wants to play for the NFL & make millions again. Nothing more than that.

    Thank you again for your excellent and hard-hitting blog. It said it all.

    All the best,
    Judy Tyler

  3. Re: Michael Vick
    So, here we have not only a person who fought dogs, but also, tortured the losers by drowning,
    electrocution, shooting, and slamming them to death. And this vicious, uneducated, criminal, is now going to be “rewared” by getting big bucks playing professional football?? Since when should animal cruelty be rewarded???

    I would suggest that whatever team does hire him, should first see the pictures of the dogs he fought; their torn up bodies, scars, missing eyes and ears. Look at these pictures over and over, if you can bear to, and see if this is a man you want representing your team or, being near your kids.

    I will NEVER in any way support a football team that hires this very sick convicted animal abuser.

    Susan Aronson

  4. Brenda, I am in total agreement with Chanda; there is just no way I could write anything more moving, more articulate than what you wrote. I hope you don’t mind that I will help myself to Chanda’s invitation to pass this link on.

    My mind and heart race whenever I hear or read some idiot with dollar signs in their eyes saying that Vicks has paid for his deeds. I’d like to post this link and the Commissioner’s info to a couple of groups.

    Thank you
    Dana Shimizu

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